$1,500 Medical Scholarship Program in Houston

The National Arab American Medical Association (also called NAAMA) in Houston has been providing scholarship programs and grants for education called the Medical Student Scholarship Program that was created in the year 2005. They are an organization that has provided financial aid by donating thousands of dollars to charities that will benefit the people with Arab heritage. They have three objectives: promotion of human welfare, provide education to the people in need, and cultural enrichment.

The scholarship programs by the organization are meant for education at healthcare-related facilities in Houston. A number of the grants for education can be up to $1,500 per applicant which is limited to four per training period which should be conducted in at least a month.

The association also offers two Presentation at NAAMA Meeting Travel Award which amounts up to $1000. They will be given to the applicants in healthcare-related institutions in Houston or the surrounding area. They must be in outstanding academic standing since they will be conducting a presentation at the annual national meeting.

The Medical Student Houston Scholarship Program has strict conduct for their requirements. The candidate must first pass the General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be of Arab heritage
  • Must have a full-time enrollment in a recognized healthcare related institution located in Houston or the surrounding area or accepted at least a month or more in an elective relation at medical schools located in Houston
  • Must be willing to attend Arab American Medical Association meetings during their training in Houston

If the candidate is able to pass the first list of requirements, they are supposed to obtain the things required for the Special Eligibility Requirements together with theirapplication forms:

  • A completed application form which includes an essay that describes how the training for the advancement of their education will help in the success of the candidate’s future
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Must provide a letter that states the acceptance of the elective training program from the applied institution
  • Must provide a letter of verification from the enrolled candidate’s healthcare-related institution
  • Must provide two recommendation letters from current or previous instructors that should be written within the last 3 years before the date of application

The application is open to the people with Arab Heritage all year round. The applications and requirements sent will be carefully reviewed by the organization’s scholarship-in-charge committee to fully determine the eligibility of the candidate.

More details about the scholarship can be found on their website.


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