Master and Doctoral Courses Scholarships in Tokushima

Tokushima University is an institution founded by merging six educational facilities. The faculty, with the aim to make their students inherit and develop eminent sciences and cultures, specialize and offers degree programs in the areas of art, sciences, engineering and medicine. Students who want to study here are more than welcome to do so. They approximately have six thousand undergraduates and about one thousand seven hundred graduate students from Japan and other countries which includesPhilippines, Brunei, South Korea, China, and the United States. The school, with the help and support of related organizations, offers scholarship and student grants if the candidate is able to qualify from the conditions given.

The university have the wonderful ambition of the peaceful development on Earth and in order to do so, they research for the truth and solutions for the issues needed. They educate their students systematically and practically to inspire them with the hopes of creating leaders that are able to address world-wide problems. There are various paths to be able to study in Tokushima University:

  • To study as an International Student
  • To study with Japanese Government Scholarship(Embassy Recommendation)
  • To study with Japanese Government Scholarship(University Recommendation)
  • To study as a Private-funded Student
  • To study as an Exchange Student from Partner University
  • To study as a Research Student
  • To study as a Foreign Researcher

The university, having the aim to cultivate the future leaders of the world, will be giving financial aid with the amount of twenty thousand yen per student to allow self-supported student begin their new life in Tokushima but only if they are able to meet with certain conditions. The student grants and scholarships offered may also help by giving a monthly financial aid ranging from at least thirty thousand to more than a hundred thousand yen depending on the degree programs the student will take.

Studying at Tokushima University is considerably good because of the high quality education and facilities offered by this university. They have seven graduate schools and five undergraduate faculties for the different learning programs. They are also able to produce good professors and researchers like Shuji Nakamura who is known as the inventor of first high brightness which got awarded with the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics.

There are different types of admissions for the graduate and undergraduate schools in Tokushima University. They have many application qualifications that should be done first so you would be able to enter the school. More information about their admission can be found here.

You can learn more details about the school and the programs on their website.

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