E-track Program Scholarship in Tokyo

Tokyo International University is a school that houses a diverse population with approximately 1,200 students from over 60 different countries making them have the third rank for the international environment in Japan.

This university encourages its students to study by offering tuition fee reduction, for first-year students, from thirty to one-hundred percent and remains valid up to two years under the condition that the student maintains a good academic performance and meets the behavioral expectations as a TIU student.

The University offers the English Track Program (also called as “E-track Program”) which can give you a fully accredited Bachelor’s degree in the English medium. The major of the program can be selected either Business Economics or International Relations.

In addition, TIU students should participate in Academic Literacy, Liberal Arts, and Japan Studies courses to be able to meet the graduation requirements. Since the major have many factors related to social interaction, students who are only taking online classes might be left behind.

The institution is located in Tokyo, Japan and is accessible to the major places near it. It is an advantage since Tokyo is one of the most exciting city in the worldthat has a strong economic powerwhich offers the following:

  • Artistic creativity
  • Cultural heritage
  • Access to new technologies
  • Their location is also approximately thirty minutes away from Kawagoe which offers traditional and famous sight-seeing places giving the students more knowledge and experiences in Japan.

Studying at Tokyo International University can give more experiences compared to learning from online classes or online universities. They have the objective of nurturing the international-minded people. They have a small class setting which allows you to learn and socialize with other people. Simulations of the United Nations are also held as practice for negotiations and speeches. The dormitories for the students are well-furnished to make them feel at home.

They also offer to explore the cultural heritage of the Japanese which is another experience that cannot be felt if the student is only attending online universities. Future perspectives of the students are also being planned during the school years.

If you want to apply for their scholarship, Tokyo International University will require you to submit a few documents. Here is a list of the things that you will need to accomplish when applying for their scholarship:

  • Application (conducted using an online system called “Apply Japan”)
  • Research Plan
  • Two recommendation letters
  • English test score
  • Other requirements for the admission

The scholarship is accepted twice annually, the deadline for the submissions are either in April or September.

You can learn more details about the admission and scholarship on their website.

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