$1,000 Ronald McDonald Scholarship Fund

The Ronald McDonald’s House Charities (RMHC) is offering educational funds to students coming from communities who experienced limited or no access to career and educational opportunities. With the support of RMHC Global and McDonald’s Corporation, the RMHC is able to provide financial assistance and fulfill their commitment to helping in giving a quality education.

This Local Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) awards the $1,000 grants for school based on the number of applicants who successfully met all the qualifications.  Some RMHC local chapters will give different amount of financial assistance that may be used for expenses in your college degree program.

Since the award is limited, it will only be awarded to those applicants who have an Asia/Pacific Islander heritage. Aside from that, the competition to be suitable for the $1,000 worth of grants for school is more stringent. To positively make the cut, you should possess the following qualities:

  • Must be on your senior year in high school
  • Must have an average of not lower than 2.7
  • Not older than 21 years old
  • Must be a U.S. resident
  • Must be able to go to a 2-4 year university or college degree program.
  • Must be living inside the covered area of the participating RMHC Chapter’s geographic area.
  • Came from an Asian/Pacific Islander birthright (at least one parent).

The $1,000 worth of grants for school will be given directly to the chosen and recognized institution using a check. The student cannot reimburse the award nor get the monies directly. Also, the award will be given yearly, but the applicants will not be able to renew them. The award can cover tuition fees and other school expenses, but it needs to be defined by the local RMHC.

For the evaluation, the applicant’s financial need, academic achievement, personal qualities and strengths and community involvement will be much considered.

To apply for the scholarship, the applicants are require to submit the following documents for proper evaluation:

  • High school transcript containing the applicant’s test scores and class rank
  • Personal statement about his/her Asian/Pacific heritage background, aspiration to help his/her community and career goals.

Note: Limit this statement to two pages.

  • Recommendation letter from a school official or teacher describing his/her achievements, community involvement, background and leadership abilities.

Note: Limit this statement to one page.

  • Copy of current IRS Form 1040 filed by the applicant’s guardian.

All of the following documents must be passed online in a PDF format. You must check for the email assigned to your country and submit it there. Aside from online submission, you can also mail your documents to the address below:

RHMC National Scholarship Program, International Scholarship, and Tuition Services, Inc.
1321 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 800
Nashville, Tennessee 37217

All applicants must submit the requirements on or before January 18, 2017, in order to be considered for evaluation. In return, successful applications will receive a confirmation receipt from their respective chapter.

For further updates about this scholarship, you may visit their website.

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