$50,000 Clara Lionel Foundation Global Scholarship Program

The Clara Lionel Foundation Global Scholarship Program is provided by Clara Lionel Foundation. It is an organization which aims to improve the quality of life globally in the areas of education, arts, health, and culture. This scholarship program aids education for citizens of Barbados, Brazil, Grenada, Haiti, Cuba, Guyana, or Jamaica who aims to continue their college education in the United States. This scholarship program also provides online education from various online schools.

The main goal of the scholarship is to fund your studies through online education. Previous students awarded with this scholarship completed different degree programs from different online schools.Online courses don’t offer the same quality as online courses, but in this scholarship, you get to choose what the university provides high quality education and apply for scholarship, also, this scholarship program can reach many students because it is offered in different countries. I f awarded with this scholarship the candidate will receive an education fund ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 USD.

To be a recipient of this scholarship, the applicant should be a citizen or native of Barbados, Brazil, Grenada, Haiti, Cuba, Guyana, or Jamaica. The student must also be allowed to study in the United States and accepted to an accredited four-year college located in the United States.


Lastly, the student must be acollege freshman (not greater than 12 college credits unless credits were earned during high school) who plans to enroll and study at an accredited four-year college or university. Eligibility to receive funding is also a requirement that will be upon the decision of Foreign Assets Control.


As you apply for this scholarship, Clara Lionel Foundation will require a few documents to be submitted.  These documents are required to evaluate your ability and needs properly. Here is the list of documents you need to accomplish when applying for the scholarship program:

  • Complete the official application form found on their website.
  • A complete applicant appraisal form
  • A copy of your recent transcript of records
  • Acopy of the acceptance letter from an accredited four-year college university you will be attending.

Since the scholarship is awarded every year, the deadline for the submissionfor school year 2018-2019 is on August 1, 2018.

All applicants must finish all of the necessary requirements on or before the deadline to qualify for the evaluation. If the student submitted the requirements after the deadline, it will be immediately disregarded.

For further information and updates about the availability of this scholarship, you can check it on their website.


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